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Testimony of blessings! 03/09/14

Mom's note:  Elder Hansen had just received an email from us that his Grandpa Roger Hansen was in the hospital and expected to pass away.  His father Darin, gave his dad a blessing and he was able to begin to recover for a time and be out of pain.
dear family,
so let me first start out with the fact that i love you guys so much and that you dont need to worry about me and my birthday and what not especially with grandpa in the hospital. I send my love and prayers to you and especially to grandpa and for his recovery! and im also very grateful that you didnt hide this from me or anything because i do want to know when things are happening.
Dad just from what mom wrote i can all ready tell that you used your priesthood valiantly! If you feel that it is okay for you to tell me the experience at a later date i would love to hear it but if you feel like you want to keep it close to your heartt i understand as well. dad i want to say how much i love you and how much i look up to you and for your great example that you show me. i know that because of your priesthood you were able tohelp grandpa in his time of distress, even when it comes down to life and death. The thing i love about blessings is that they really come down to our faith in Christ. if we think about our entire lifes, its about our faith in him whether or not we are saved. so when it comes down to a situation like that where it literally is life or death depending on our faith we really learn a lot from ourselves. and dad im so grateful that you had that experience in your life. Dad i hope i can grow up to be a man of your stature and i dont just mean your 6'5 ripped tall dark and handsome stature, but your spiritual stature and how you carry yourself as a son of God. Mom thanks so much for being the light in our house and for your great spirit. please always stay that way you give us all hope that we will be and can be better people. make sure you take care of dad and grandpa these next few weeks. i want to let you know how the work went this past week. so one great thing is that me and elder urcia met a family the dela cruz family just by preaching by the way to them and they are actually way cool. we have now taught them twice and they have great questions they are asking these questions because they are curious not just because they want to debate. and the cool thing was is in our second lesson we asked them if they believe that we still have living prophets on the earth today and one of the daughters said well for me yeah i believe that there is and so we went right into teaching about joseph smith. (quick side note) throughout the4 lesson they had been asking a lot of questions like who is mormon and stuff like that but when it came to the end of the lesson we asked if they had any questions about joseph smith and they just kind of looked at us like they were satisfied and had no questions. it was really cool experience. another cool experience we had was with the power of prayer and fasting. we had an investigator come to church who hadn't been to church in forever like since we started teaching them. but because of my prayers she came!! blessing of the lord. but i love you all so much love elder hansen
 ps i sent a letter home with a lot of pictures!!!1

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