Sunday, September 7, 2014

Progresing new converts! 03/23/14


dear family,
first let me answer your questions mom.....sister XXX did accept the ibd and will be baptized on april 12, she has gone to church three times in a row now!!! so that IS way awesome. i have not however got either of those packages...but im sure i will get them next week. but i know they will come in; im very sad about he situation with grandpa...i sent home a letter that has a letter in there for him, Just know that i am always praying for him and for all of you.
 i emailed josh and he is doing good but he says he is not eating haha its way funny because he is such a picky eater,,,i told him he hasnt eaten since he left home. his comment was yup if it aint cereal i aint touching it hhahaha....( friend of Riley's on mission in Argentina)...the thing about the philippines is if you dont eat peoples food they will get you have to adjust quick.  the work went really well this week we got 3 referrals and six new investigators!! we also had 5 inv. go to church!! so that is really cool im \way pumped for sis xxx!! i dont remember if i had mentioned this before but i saw a brother that I taught and he was baptized and his entire family at lingayen like two weeks ago!!! i guess he is way active and about to get the melchizedek priesthood, along with brother xxx who got baptized the day after i transfered from malasiqui. so i have been having some good weeks lately (horrible english) but yeah i dont have much else to report but i love all of you guys so much
love elder hansne3/14

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