Sunday, September 14, 2014

06/01/14 Relationships

this week was a great week!! we have three people lined up to be baptized in the following weeks. they are all PM/RC families that are really progressing. brother xxx and his family are struggling many trials in their lives. we have been able to focus on a couple of scriptures...alma 25:1 and alma 26:27 i believe is what we shared with them just trying to help them to come closer to the savior and have patience in their trials. so as of late i have been trying to develop the things that i am teaching to my investigators and recent converts and really applying these things in my life. yesterday i realized how important our relationships with everyone are. something happened where we were not able to go to an appointment and one of the members was really disappointed in us...we know that as we have good relationships with others people really have a desire to help you....that is very important with missionary work! this is really short im sorry not much else has happened but it was a successful week.

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