Sunday, September 14, 2014

08/11/14 New Calling! Assistant to the Mission President


hey family so i had a crazy week!!!! so i believe i mentioned to you that i almost got transferred to calasiao two saturdays ago right?? that didnt end up happening but i did end up getting emergency transferred this past tuesday.....yeah Im the new assistant to President Monahan! im way excited but also way nervous for the things that i will be taking on....i also know that being in the office time will start flying by. basically we do our work here in the office and if there are any emergencies problems with missionaries....we are on it.....we had to send an elder home yesterday....way sad but he said he is going to come back. but yeah very nervous for this new calling. I am so excited to learn all i can from president while i am can really see in his presence that he has a different auora about him. very close to the spirit. I will be able to learn many valued things from him in these next few months. tomorrow we send home the departing missionaries....then wednesday the new ones come in and we get people coming from america!! its been eight months that we havent had foreigner missionaries....we will be having 20 missionaries sleeping at our house wed. and thurs. night!! hsahaha we do live in the big house though and its really nice!!! I miss elder dearing he was a great elder and i learned a lot from him. anyways this coming up saturday we have a baptism!! this family is way nice! oh and also i dont know too much about the area yet cause i have only been here for a few the way there are a lot of perks in the office....the other day we had chicken enchilladas!!! sooooooooo goooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah .....keep up the great work with the diet!! right now i weigh 208 hopefully i dont get fat here but i wont! stay safe in powell./; i love you all
l;ove elder Hansen
This was a great week so many great things happened. like on monday i drilled my head on an airconditioner....yeah it felt great! pics included oh and mom dont freak out cause im fine. im now here assigned in urdaneta my companions name is elder macabenta! such an awesome elder. crazy good at the scriptures and way good at math he is basically good at everything!! also im having a great time here because this was my first zone that i was assigned in....tomorrow we send home the missionaries....way sad.....but i will see them again some other time. i dont know too much about the area yet but we do have a baptism this coming saturday. its a rc family whose son hasnt been baptized yet....he is going to though this saturday and his dad who is working in manilla is going to come here and surprise him!! so awesome!! lets see here not much else has to play some catch with president earlier!! haha but yeah im a little boring right now but here are some pics.
MOM do not be alarmed by the picture dont email sister monahan dont freak out because i am just fine....i just want the others to see my beauty:)



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