Saturday, September 13, 2014

05/25/14 New Companion Elder Maravilla

Hi everyone!!! kamusta na kayo jan?? naisip ko magtagalog na lang ako ngayon....hahah just kidding im just so used to speaking tagalog everyday that its natural to me i got my new companion and you guessed it...another filipino!!! haha its now going to be about nine months straight that i have had a filipino companion. my last american companion wasnt even full american he was half filipino hahah its crazy!! but my new companions name is elder maravilla we are actually batch in the mission thats crzy that like never happens...but then again i was comps with my trainer again hahah. this week was interesting im now leading the area having only been here a short in urdaneta we are focusing on investigator not on less actives/recentconverts but what happened is we baptized our progressing investigators so now we are back to ground zero!! I know for sure i will learn so much this transfer....the sisters in my batch go home really soon like two cycles left in 11 weeks scared for for the work we have one really good progessing inv.  he has an ibd for june 21st. so that is really cool. we stopped by his house to pick him up for church but he was all ready there haha so yeah keep prayng for him! i bought a watch because i gave my old watch that i brought from home to elder sikat!! i miss that guy! He got transfeered to the sticks...lets put it that way hahah he is in the middle of nowhere...i feel bad for him. but he will enjoy it over there! i cant believe its almost june!! in a couple of weeks i will be sending pictures almost waist deep in water because it floods here in dagupan!! woooohoooo hahah anyways im having fun here serving others and helping them come closer to christ!!
love Elder Hansen
ps. im losing weight my good looks are coming back!;) haha

hey mom i guess you couldn't wait to tell me what the surprise was you told me at the end that you sent some ties hahah just kidding. I hope you had fun in moab!!@ was it hot there or not really?? summer is right around the corner!! and just think this coming up cold season i will be home!! of course its the end of the winter but hey that just shows how fast time goes by!! im excited to get your letters!! i hope they will get here soon!! how is dad doing?? and alex with work?? i hope they are doing good and reading!! haha someting cool i didnt mention in my group email is that xxx the little kid that got baptized is now passing the sacrament and was able to go to the temple last week!!! so awesome!! that is really cool about cassidy let me know where she will serve! is she all ready 19?? yeah that is scary that mason is all ready back!! that basically means i have a little of 8 months left in the mission....i dont like that....ahhhhh hahah tell him to email me! the mortimers were assigned here a while ago as a couple missionary. they skype to a family here in dagupan and they are good friends with xxx and his mom who used to be a less active member. thats cool they called you!1 haha i hope all is going well back at home! im doing great here ask jordan if seiko watches are good cause thats what i bought and tell him it doesnt need batteries its an automatic one!!!
love you all so much
elder riley powell Hansen



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