Saturday, September 13, 2014


let me just say that im way sad right now because im getting transferred from my area!!1 i have been here four cycles and im now heading out right before an awesome baptism but its okay just as long as she gets baptized that is all i care about. so last week i turned twenty!!!! wow! haha next year im legal;) hahay just kidding. so yeah thanks so much for the B day wishes it made feel really awesome inside and i at least know that people care but im pretty sure my mom emailed everyone and told them to wish me a happy b day cause that is what my roomate said hahahaha but yea this week was way fun i had  another interview on my birthday so yea happy birthday haha i didnt do much just bought some ice cream. so yeah we are having some good success with other inv. they are progressing as well we are actually going to do an FHE at one of their houses later on tonight so that they can feel the support from the members.
we also have one inv. xxx who gives us referrals a lot its way nice even though she doesnt progress towards bap she is giving us her FRIENDS to teach its way cool. i have a feeling i will get transferred to a city for the first tjme in my mission so we shall; see how that goes!1 haha i love all of you keep up the great work in all that you do! 

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