Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday! 04/01/14

oh man you two are making me blush.....hahaha just so much praise coming my way! but thank you so much for the birthday wishes and for all the compliments that you have given me but we all know where all of those amazing skills came from right??? you guys!!! seriously im so grateful for the 20 years that i now have under the belt i just need to find a towel to wipe off the water from behind the ears or at least a hairdryer. hahah i have now lived for two centuries and so much has changed in me in just one year of 20....even though i learned a lot in high school and what not i have learned and developed so much morebenefical attributes in my life here in the mission.
IM really touched about that story with grandpa in the hospital. He still knows where his faith is he knows what is true. i am always sending out my prayer for him and for all of you.
as for this week it was pretty good we didnt get as many lessons in but we did have effective lessons. sister xxx went to church again!!!!!!!! its so cool. she will be baptized on the 19 of april. haha im way excited for that im sorry but im way short on time but i just want to let you guys know how grateful i am for all of you please tell all of our family that i love them. and dad just know that i have a lot more wisdom than you haha just kidding. i cant believe next birthday i will be home again.......i cant believe how fast time goes by. i love you all from the bottom of my heart up until the top!! haha 
love elder riley powell hansen
oh and i did get the easter package but not the birthday one.....

***Birthday message to Riley from Dad and Mom
We sent him a package for his birthday with shoes, fun stuff, candy, notes, etc... It never arrived...
Dear Son,
Happy 20th birthday! We hope your Tuesday birthday is filled with love and joy and thoughts of what a great 20 years you have experienced! We hope spoooo much that your birthday package arrives in time! But if not, still have a great day and when your package arrives you can have extra fun!
Dad says your teen play around years are over! Welcome to adulthood! Now you can have fun adult years too! Our thoughts of you this week are happy, cherished thoughts of a happy, sweet baby, a curious, content toddler, a little tough boy who kept up with his brothers in back yard baseball and anything else they could do, a good, fun young teen who developed many attributes of respect, humor, kindness, sportsmanship, friendship, responsibility and honor. You developed talents of good grades, baseball and athleticism, water sports, helping with all family outings, taking care of things you have or we let you use, creativity and much more. But the most important along the way was developing your own sense of right and wrong, obedience, love, patience, empathy a wonderful spirit, awesome decisions and a strong testimony of your  own. Now you are a powerful yet humble missionary, a beloved son, a great young man and person! We love you and are so proud of you! Our lives have been richer, more fun and full because of you!
Okay now dad says mom has a lot of big words and writes way better than me! Dad says dido to what I said. Dad noticed that you are approximately the same age difference as dad is with grandpa approximately 29 and 30 years! Which means you are still wet behind the ears but I am very proud of the incredible wisdom you have all ready. And I miss you so much you make me cry, but I didn't because I'm a full grown man ( with a low T problem!)
So long story short we like you!
 Love Dad and Mom

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