Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Storm! 09/14/14


(Note from Mom)  I did what mom's do best and guilt tripped Elder Hansen because he has not written in a long time!  But we are never mad at him!

dear mom and dad.....
please dont be angry with me....i try my best haha im just not good at writing down the details. about going to alaminos the other week, it was strictly business it wasnt to visit or anything like we just went there to go to a meeting of the missionaries.  here in the philippines we listen to christmas music as soon as it is september. we cut our hair earlier and there was deck the halls playing and weird stuff like that. It makes me think of christmas and then i walk outside into the heat.....haha there was a crazy storm last night!!! crazy rain....a couple of missionaries houses were flooded but it was cool!! we were up until like two in the morning because of people calling us.....elders.....the water is getting close to the electric sockets...what do  we need to do?? of course the answer is easy....."turn off the power and go upstairs" but some other people dont understand that so we have to help them out when they are freaking out ahaha. it was a fun night!! crazy thing is yesterday at church i was looking at the bulletin board of another ward and saw a pic of koa when he was at the MTC i started freaking out!! "thats one of my best friends" ahah really funny. 
we had a good week but some of the investigators dropped us.....they would either say elders sorry but my husband is a pastor and will get mad if i listen to you or others just werent interested....they were saying they want to see a good change in thier lives before they listen....I just thought to myself that that is reverse thinking and false! we Have to act first before we will see the good change. so i told the lady in a nice way that she doesnt have faith, because to be honest she doesnt. read alma 32:17 which is the opposite of faith. that is how she is acting. but we left and went to find new investigators!!! \

we love the missionary life of finding if they dont progress drop and find some more. its really fast work especially when we can be a little short for time like elder macabenta and I are.
speaking of elder macabenta he is from davao, he speaks cebuano, way smart and is planning on either becoming a professor or going into law! best missionary i have met at the scriptures and really humble! 
we love to play basketball (bukol) is what we call it haha we also love messing around and having fun but getting the work done!! Im doing great! mom if you are going to send me a package...add like one or two ready bake brownies....we are a little spoiled in the big house and have an oven hahah but yeah I love you guys so much and im very grateful for all of you and im way excited for whats going on in all of your lives!! keep up the great work and always remember to remember our savior!
love Elder Hansen



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