Saturday, September 13, 2014

Waiting for Mother's Day skype! 05/19/14

hello family so right now im at the computer shop but there isnt headsets available so im just waiting for that and then i will skype you guys but i cant wait to explain the week to you guys on skype it was awesome!! ill put a picture up right now.
so i will just let you know that we had seven people baptized on saturday and i had the opportunity to confirm four of them and it was one of the most spiritual experiences i have ever had!
so this week was a great week!! was able to teach some new people and contact some new investigators and hopefully it will continue to progress. its kind of a sad time right now because last week at our MLC we found out that elder sikat is transfering. so that will be going to be separated from my father again...or as goldmember says is fazzzza hahah right now we are teaching brother xxx that is one of the xxx family kids who a while ago was the progressing investigator but stopped progressing because of his job. since he went to their baptism he really felt the power of the Holy ghost and has really changed his desires he has really found that desire to be baptized! he has an IBD for June 21st and we are preparing his father to baptize him so cool right?!!! I know that his is the will of The Lord because xxx father is supposed to be the one who baptizes his son!! its going to be much more memorable and way more exciting!!! i had a great time talking with my family last week! they are doing awesome and i love them so much!!! i hope that alll of you are doing great whether your on a mission going to school or working i hope you are all doing what is needed to please our Heavenly Father.
President monahan mentioned to us that if you want to establish the Church in you are the members have to first start with their true conversion to the gospel. we need to all think if we are truely converted to the gospel or not. do we study the scripture every day? do we serve others with an open heart? is our heart broken and our spirit contrite?? does our Heart have room to let the savior in and let His Gospel take over our desires. are we truely converted?
that is one thing that i am starting to ask myself.....sometimes we need to check ourselves and if we arent we repent and establish the church whether it be in our home at our job in our personal life or in the lifes of others it starts with our personal conversion.
im very grateful for all the support and love that you all show to me each week thanks you so much for everything i love you all
love elder hansen


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