Saturday, September 13, 2014

04/13/14 New Zone and Zone Leader Dagupan Zone

hello family so yeah i got transferred to my new area in dagupan!!! dagupan 2nd ward and its completely city! im way excited to be here its the first time i have been assigned in a ward or even a city so yeah its pretty cool! and you would never guess who my new companion is.....well not really a new companion because he was my companion before. Elder sikat!!! one year ago haha he was my companion and now he is my comp again!! how crazy is that huh?? so yeah im way more relaxed because i know who my comp is now its just making adjustments to the members. so i have been pretty lucky as well because i got here on friday and saturday we had a baptism! brother xxx now i know its like i just walked into one but i also just left a baptism in aguilar so yeah i guess it all works out. but elder sikat told me that we could be getting 8 more this transfer. we are teaching the xxx family and they are way cool like they should basically for sure get baptized!! so as a zone leader you have a lot more responsiblities we have to worry abut every companionship in the zone we run zone studies each monday we have to organize meetings with the stake president and we will basically be teaching them and giving workshops to other leaders...we have to worry about appt checks basically everything but its fun as well because its a different kind of busy. so im way excited to be transfered and here in dagupan!! It floods here like crazy because the drainage system sucks way bad...even on friday it wasnt even a strong storm and was only like an hour and there was like water to your ankles in our area!!! so yeah and i will most likely be here during the rainy season...haha so im way pumped. but thanks again for everyting i love you guys so much tell grandpa that i love him and that i am praying for him. 
and i still have not got the package but its okay maybe on thursday.
love you all so much
love Elder Hansen


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