Sunday, September 14, 2014

08/25/14 Eternal Progression

great week!!! found some new investigators.....dropped others........the caravan keeps on rollin....we dont ever quit in this work....The savior never quit and neither will we!!! I love the mission....I have found myself and more while being here.....I know that i will continue to grow...last night we dropped an Inv. because they were obviously not ready yet. she mentioned that she was content in her life and her religion and did not want to ask God if what we were saying was true. I told myself last night that i hate the word content.....satan is good at manipulating people. tricking them into being content with their progression as children of The Father. Our progression is Eternal. We can be happy with the blessings and grateful for the trials...but when we are content and not doing anything to improve ourselfs we are failing. If we are not coming closer to our Savior...we are falling away from him. there is no staying in one place. excited for the week!! I love you all keep up the great work
love elder Hansen

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