Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So this week was a pretty good week. We are starting to have a lot more member present lessons, which we all know is way more effective. The problem with Sister XXX is that she is the husband and the wife doing all the work on her own so its really hard for her to find time to go to church and what not. We have explained that trials will not go away but she will be more organized and be able to accomplish everything if she gives some of her time to God. She understands,  so we will just have to see if she will act on her faith. I was able to do my second service project of my mission last Saturday....and I forgot to take pics...hahah sorry mom! (Seriously Riley???) but we just helped build a house by moving sand or buhangin into their house to elevate it. The house is low,  so if the rain comes in hard their house would flood really quickly. But it was fun and nice to do something else other than walking,  sitting,  teaching,  walking,  sitting,  teaching,  eating,  walking,  sitting,  teaching eating,  sleeping,  study etc...hahahaha But yeah,  for the most part the week was really good. Today was the day that I say goodbye to two elders in my district, they go home tomorrow so that is crazy. One of the elders (Elder Policaripio was my first DL) and now I'm his last hahaha I made that chocolate eclair cake and I'm actually pretty impressed with myself. We have no mixer,  no measurement tools or anything and I think I did really good. The only problem was that the chocolate didn't set......but still very delicious. One thing that I have noticed is that missionary work becomes work when you have a bad attitude about things. I love going out and working everyday...I don't really consider it work because I love it so much. Its more like I'm just serving for love. Service is doing something with out expecting a return.....missionaries are not paid,  etc. So I don't really like to call it work anymore because we are serving people not just working. I will send more pics in another email.  But yeah that's about all I have.  Oh and my ingrown is starting to come back after like four months.....ahhhhh.!
Elder Hansen
Elder Hansen and Elder Urcia

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