Sunday, September 7, 2014

03/16/14 Priesthood Power!


hey family happy st p day!!!! its happy st P day becZuse its just another p day for me haha but its honestly blowing me away i still rmember getting that st patrick's package with the clover stickers and stuff in it. i still have one of those stickers on the back of my nametag from a year ago.....its cool that I have now almost lived in the philippines for a year. and before i continue with my email just want to say that im not sure when i go home its either Jan 27 or Mar 11.........but i can ask president  for you mom so yu can know. if i go home in jan i only have like 10 months left but if its in march i still have a year....thats crazy.....

okay so sister xxx went to church again this week!! yes we are going to give an IBD to her for april 12 later on tonight. we gave her daughter a blessing because she was sick and I guess she got better the next day so sister pando was going around telling everyone that it was the missionaries that healed her kid basically it was way cool!!!! PRIESTHOOD POWER!
as for some of our other investigators we are kind of having a hard time  because of a less active dad in our branch who switched to iglesia....he has hurt feelings towards some he forbade his daugter from going to church and it is now effecting our work with the investigators in that area. but for the most part things are going pretty well here in the mission and here in aguilar. president told me something nice in my email he said he wished he had a 100 more elder riley hansens so that made me feel great because i have just been a little down because we are having a hard time in the area. but this wednesday we have a trizone conference so i will see president again and i will talk to him.....i bought some more exercise stuff as well suff for my abs and for my shulders so that i can lose some weitght and stay in shape..i weigh 217 so i need to get rid of it now....i cant believe mikey quit baseball??? tht sucks but hopefully coach sato is still there when i get home!! i actually had a dream that coach sommers was there. i had gotten transfered to manila and he was there waiting for me and i gave him a huge hug and stuff it was cool but weird.....i hope they kill copper hills! keep me updated with them i wanna know whats going on. but yeah im doing great i started something new i write down stuff everyday kind of like a journal and i will be sending that home to you guys so you can know things more in detail....but yeah i love you guys so much tell jordan and alex i love them. 
love elder riley powell hansen

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