Sunday, September 14, 2014

08/18/14 Transfer week/ What would Jesus Do?

so it was a pretty rough week work wise because it was basically like we worked to 2 1/2 days....three days straight we didnt teach because of the new incoming missionaries having twenty elders sleeping at our house getting things arranged food wise and what not...but a very interesting and fun week. it was cool to see the newbies come in and realize how much i have grown and changed since that point. Every day i learn so much just about being a better person, loving to serve others and do whatever it takes to help the mission grow. One thing that i have been working on is bringing myself down keeping myself humble in all things...i am still working on that and really trying to teach myself to rely upon the Lord. one thing that elder macabenta and i are doing is calling every companionship in the misson throught out the transfer just to check up on them and get a feel and try to get to know them. I love how Jesus Christ states that I know my sheep, AND AM KNOWN OF MINE. that really hits me hard that we always need to be that example to all. we need to show to everyone that we are striving to come unto christ just like them. and to also show that we care for them. We know who Jesus Christ is we have entered into that gate of baptism we are coming closer to him the people who dont know him are who we are trying to save. such an interesting scripture. well we also had a baptism brother xxx. the story is so awesome with this family basically their dad met the missionaries when he was working abroad all they did was give him a pamphlet, he then contacted the missinoaries here in urdaneta then in manila and now the entire family are members.....never underestimate the power of sharing the gospel. im sure those two elders have no idea that this entire family is now an example of the believers......there is that famous saying WWJD right? but we really need to apply that in our lives.....What would he do while he was sitting next to someone on the bus or talking to someone at work. would he just talk about sports and leave or would he leave a lasting impression on the people he meets. ask yourselfs what impression Has Jesus Christ left on you....and do we leave that same impression on others??? i love my mission and love all of you!
love elder Hansen

oh ps. i sent my batch of sister home last week:((( so sad....


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