Saturday, September 13, 2014

04/07/14 Becoming a Zone Leader!


dear family,
so this is your wonderful son!! like you didnt know that all ready haha but hey i want to start off with the fact that im for sure transfering on friday to a new becoming a zone leader but i dont know what zone pretty nervous because we have a lot of responsibilities...but i should be okay.
so its going to be hard to leave this area i have been here for six months and i will miss the members like crazy. they are all way nice and i have grown really close to them all.. sister xxx went to church again!1 thats five weeks in a row so we shall see on april 19 if she got baptized or not. but i know she will. so back to when i became a zone leader. President joined in one of our zone meetings last week and pulled me aside during a break and said "elder hansen the lord has given you a new calling to become a zone leader will you accept and of course i said yes and then he gave me a hug! so im excited but nervous as well.
this week was hard to get members to work with us....we had 15 other lessons taught because members didnt work with us it was pretty annoying. we are trying to get all of our inv. lessons with a member present. but yeah we have a cool inv. family  and we are going to do a FHE with them later on tonight and invite sis xxx and other members to join so that it will be really fun!! the work is progressing but slowly....we have one inv who isnt really progressing but she is always giving us referrals and working with us so its really cool!! maybe she will get the desire to go to church as well. so the work is moving along. 
my birthday was fun i decided to buy some ice cream and that was about yeah ahha i still havent got the package but its okay dont worry about that mom. im excited to get that letter that you wrote me a couple of days ago and im glad that grandpa liked his letter. tell everyone that i love them and miss them and i cannot believe that its now april.....time is so fast!
Love Elder Hansen


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