Sunday, September 14, 2014

06/15/14 magpakumbaba‏


hello world! I HAD A GREAT WEEK even though it was extremely tough work wise because we had two days where we were not able to work in our was a great experience. the title of my email is in tagalog it basically means humility or to humble yourself....sometimes we need to look back at the things that we have done whether they be good or bad. if they be good recognize that it was because of our Father in Heaven...if they are bad realize that we need to humble our selves and change. repent. repentance is what im studying in my new scriptures...i mark any story or any reference about it and i love it...i have never truely understood repentance until i read the bible dictionary about repentance. we had stake conference last week where elder echo hawk and company spoke to the entire northern luzon. pretty intense things pretty spirtual people. i really want to become that spirtualeven though some people may call me an overly righteous person i dont care.....i would rather be an overly righteous person in the eyes of man and a obedient son in the eyes of our Father rather than a person where people think your cool or of that kind of stature.... i really hope that as i continue in my service to The Lord i will continue to develop these attributes and becoming like our savior. this week we had one investigator come to church sister xxx!! we are really excited for her and the decisions she is making. brother xxx was not able to attend because they were at the hospital until early morning with their grandma....but we understand.....we visited their family sunday afternoon and gave the grandma a blessing.....she has alzheimers i remember my grandma had that as well and i thought about the story my mom told me how when my grandma saw my eyes she kind of smiled and cried because i think she saw herself in my eyes. and she remebered a little bit. but later on that night sister xxx (recent convert) and said elders salamat sa pagpunta nio dito sa bahay....she was grateful that we visited made me think of how much better that visit would have been if it were members that visited her.....i am now realizing the importance of home teaching and visting teaching.....members need to feel the support of others....that is our covenant to mourn with those that mourn....we need to apply those things in our lives. but anyways this week was decent...hopefully we have a better week..oh and i went to the hospital to remove my ingron again.....these stupid things wont leave me alone.... heres a pic.

hey dad happy fathers day!!!! this is some of the sisters in dagupan. the stake president taught us in our stake conference a lot about fathers....the best thing i loved about his talk was he mentioned how what our God wanted to be called was The Father.....i love you dad happy fathers day im going to be a father just like ya.


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