Sunday, September 14, 2014

07/06/14 Transfer to Lingayan Zone new Companion Elder Dearing

07/06/14 i got transfered from the wonderful dagupan zone......i miss that place so bad because everything is there. im now in lingayen zone again hahah but now me and my new companion elder dearing are together yes i finally have an american companion after nine months!! hahaha its really funny talking with him elder dearing was actually the assistant to the president for nine months but now we are the zone leaders here in lingayen. we are doing great here though im gonna have a blast in this zone. i will be able to go back to my old area in aguilar! i dont have much to say but that im having a blast being with an american again. oh and we spent the fourth of july together! AMERICA!  but i dont have much to say because its just transfer day. this Saturday Sister xxx and Brother xxx  will be getting baptized!! im way excited for that but other than that i will just update you all next weeki!
love elder hansen

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