Monday, September 22, 2014

09/21/14 Don't Look Back!

 i thought of something a sister in our zone said earlier about us as children of our Heavenly Father. a lot of people here dont know their relationship with God, we are blessed because we do...however we cannot over think the fact that God has all ready given us a plan to overcome our trials...that is through the Gospel. the world to solve a problem uses money, politicians, friends, We use the gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ. "the atonement is what can take the slums out of man and teach the man to take himself out of the slums" that statement hit me hard. It is one of the most beautiful things i have heard since i have started my ,mission. We dont want to just get rid of the " slums" in us but we want to remove ourselves from the slums. turning away from sin and leaving it behind never to look back. just like lots wife "dont look back" once we are fully repented of a sin dont go back. once we have overcome a problem dont go back. just like the 2000 stripling warriors parents. they burried their "weapons of war" deep and covenanted with God to never go back and kill again. we can relate those things to us which is one thing that i am trying to do personally. i dont want to go back to my old self. i love who i am now and who i WILL become.

this week was way awesome!! we had a sweet investiagator come to church she is set to be baptized october 18!! please pray for her..her name is xxx.   she is a single mom doing it all for her family  ! tomorrow another batch of missionaries goes home! its my batch of filipina after tomrrow i will have no more batch in the mission except the elders...time is going by so fast...i cant believe i only have a few months left!! but i love the mission so much!!! im like Jordan (His friend across the street returning this week from his mission in California!) is right now...i dont know how to do anything else(meaning missionary work) and frankly im scared to....hahah but i will miss this place so much...its a shame its so far away..i wish i would be able to visit here all the time. but we have facebook right? im excited for the package!! thank you so much!!! tell jordan higgins I say Hi!!! anyways im runnning a little short on time because we have a crazy week next week. the new missionaries are coming in and there are 25 of them....soooo many haha i love you guys so much talk to you next week
love elder hansen

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