Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Easter! 04/19/14

dear family!!! im so happy to hear from all of you and when i say all of you i mean mom cause she is the only one that writes because the computer is broken. but i know that your thoughts and words are there for me as well. so yeah dagupan is awesome. me and elder sikat are having a blast and working our butts off!! we are having a ton of blessings everyday with our investigators. president gave us a new goal to get four baptisms in may. so we are really striving to achieve that goal. we have a really sweet family the xxx family who is going to be baptized on may tenth. and we have a lot of other progressing investigators. there is a lot of tender mercies in this work that sometimes i dont notice or pay attention to. the zone itself is way cool. i have a lot of my batch from the mtc in this zone and they are way nice. and that is way cool about (an elder in our ward called to the Philippines)he will love it down there. that is actually where elder sikat is from or that is his mission so yeah. its pure tagolog down there so he will get really good at the language. and its more beautiful there than it is in pangasinan. i didnt do anything for easter and i still have not got the package.....i hope you guys are telling grandpa that i love him......please let me know that you are because obviously i cant speak with please do that for me.  so yeah im doing great here in dagupan and im learning a ton in this area on how to teach how to help others and love others because as a zone leader you are really focused on the zone but also giving a good example to them in your own area. its a big load but i can definitely do it. 
we had an experience this morning. we decided we needed to talk to one of the sisters before we started zone studies. we had both felt that it needed to be her. we didnt know why but after we had started the interview she opened up and told us that she is a little homesick and she feels scared to be on a mission because she is scared of rejection and what not. she also explained that her parents and everything didnt want her to go on a misson she actually lived with her grandparents not with her dad she didnt even tell her dad when she was leaving just so she could go on a mission. but the cool thing is, is that we were able to talk to her and help her relax. that is definitely the spirit that guided us this morning. its cool how the Lord works. He is in every im grateful im here so i love you guys so much and hopefully my package will come in sometime soon...haha
love elder Hansen


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