Sunday, September 7, 2014

Be Perfect in Christ 03/09/14

im very very grateful for the health of your dad i hope grandpa is doing great right now. and i hope that we just all continue like what you mentioned about the atonement in our own personal progression in becoming like christ. if we think back on What he did for us he experienced everything. The prophets are always saying that in this generation satan is much more powerful than he was in there generation. the temptations that are flying around right now didnt even exist back then. but then we think back on Jesus Christ, he was tempt by satan for 40 days straight by satan. He suffered for ALL sins sickness pains heartbreaks losses if we do what is commanded of us to be perfect (and if i might add in christ) we will be happy. BE PERFECT IN CHRIST or use his atonement to become perfect.
Dad that is so cool about the award you are getting!!!! because of your hardwork or in tagalog kasipagan you are very successful. Dad you are a very great example to me just like i always say i hope i can be as hard working as you wehn im older i hope im even half the man you are when im older. as for the work like you said we are in a tough area. but even though its hard we have success. so this past week we have been able to teach some really cool families and they are starting to progress and its been awesome to see. but one thing that is hard for us is getting them to come to church. 
we have one family the  who their daughter is 16 but she likes to preach and stuff and she is planning to go to baguio for some seminary thing for catholics.....but she prayed to know and she felt the holy ghost and whenever we teach her she never has questions to try and bible bash its just always her trying to know more. hopefully she doesnt go to baguio because if she does she will stop progressing......but they are way fun to teach because they grasp what we are teaching really fast. but for finding things have been farely difficult hopefuly the members will become more involved in giving referrals to us....but im doing great right now im still having a blast here and just trying to learn and grow as a person while i have the two years to serve the lord full time. 

I love you so much dad take care this week and just remember that you are always in my prayers.\
love elder Riley Hansen

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