Sunday, September 14, 2014


hey dad thanks a ton for the awesome email!!! it sounds like things are going good! i still remember the good times we had out riding and stuff shooting guns climbing mountains and doing whatever possible to get a thrill! those were fun time and the times i spent with you really helped me to develop a great work ethic! elder dearing and I gave a workshop earlier to the zone about being dignified and 100% obedient to the zone......president wants us to help some of the other missonaries yeah we got into it a little bit. just enough to get them going .....the zone is doing great though!! a ton of success and everything!! we had a great baptism on saturday. sister xxx...its a part member family and a miracle to be honest. but yeah i didnt baptize i confirmed her! so its a great opportunity! elder dearing and I came back to dagupan today to pick up his suit that he had made and then yeah we ate some good ole america pizza hahaha its just what two americans do when there comps together!! mom i got the packages!!! so amazing thanks a ton but havent got the letters..... but yeah everything is going great here in lingayen zone!! my batch of sister missionaries go home in like 2 thats nuts but its okay haha i will try and stay away from prickly bushes but if the Lord puts me in one to learn i will just say that at least the bush smells good. that is one point of view that i have learned to take in the mission....when its hot i say well at least im not wet......when it rains i say well at least its not hot......haha its a good attribute ive picked up in the mission. anyway here a pic of the baptism i love you all so much
elder Hansen



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