Saturday, September 13, 2014


This week has been really really awesome....let me just say that we have some really awesome investigators!!! right now we have nine IBDS and all nine went to church and seven out of the nine will be baptized in the next two weeks!!! so yeah me and elder sikat are way pumped for whats happening here in the as i have been working here i have all ready learned a ton. i have noticed even more how important the spirit is even in finding. we were out tracting and we both got this feeling that we need to talk to the people at that house....almost immediately we both went to the gate and started calling the turns out we met a guy who had listened to the missionaries when he was young...but didnt really want to listen...but what happened was is he got in a tryke accident and shattered his spine so now he cant walk...he has a great desire to know if this is the truth. he said he saw us..because im kind of tall and he said to himself that we were going to come into his house but he didnt call out to the spirit not only spoke to us but spoke to yeah we are having a really great time here right now and really involving the people in the work. we also got to participate in the festival here in dagupan where people crowd the streets and there is a ton of street dancers and bands and what not marching the street performing so what we did was threw on the mormon helping hands vest and handed out water to all of them!!! it was was hot but way fun!! i will send some pics. we had some other cool things happen as well. this week will be the interview for our investigators the xxx family and brother xxx! so pray for them that they will feel the spirit and say what they need to say!! i love all of you and im so grateful for the support that you show to me. i would like to ask if you will all give my family support and send you prayers out for them....thanks again everyone.
love elder Hansen


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