Saturday, September 13, 2014

04/28/14 How a missionary handles the news of a loved one passing away...


Dear Dad and family,
i want you to know that my heart is full with the love of our savior Jesus Christ right now....i can feel the impact that you are having on grandpa roger as his time is coming to and end.....I feel that the things you are doing the comfort you are giving him is more than he could ever ask for and it is helping him prepare for what is to come for who he is going to meet and the love he is going to feel when he passes. i have read that death for the righteous is like slipping away into a peaceful state of mind. Let me just say that grandpa will be going back to his FAMILY to his Father and Mother along with all of his other loved ones. to be honest it is really sad that i will not be there to say good bye or to do anything to help him but i know that he will visit me he will help me in this work. i just want to say that i love you guys so much and i know that the Lord will help us through this time. He will guide us by his holy spirit. im so grateful for what you have all done for me and for all the memories that i have of our wonderful family and i hope you have felt the love our savior Jesus Christ these past few days...thank you again for all that you do for me and i will be praying that you will all have the strength needed to do what is coming up to be able to accomplish the things that trials and depressions that we may feel 
i love you all 
love Elder Hansen

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