Sunday, September 14, 2014

06/22/14 Gratitude

so this week all i really want to talk about is one attribute i noticed that one of our investigators has....a very specific personality trait that i wish to inherit at some point in my life. i noticed it in his prayer.1) every time we ask him to pray for us he gets all excited like its the opportunity of a lifetime just to say a prayer....he looks at us and will say elders walang problema! or no problem and he has a huge smile on his face and then will start praying.
2) his prayers all though they may be a little choppy at times they are beautiful. when we sit back and listen to what the spirit is saying to us as we are praying we are changed. this man has very little material things....he is taking care of his sick mother and has two little kids....when you step out of his house you are in the bario i cant think of the word in english but its where the houses are basically falling apart there is trash and water just built up in front of all their houses.....and the only thing he ever asks for is if he will have the strength to take care of his family...he always is grateful for the blessings he receives even if it is only a small amount he is grateful.
that is my goal in life hopefully i can change and be a more grateful person...the work was amazing and i loved being here this week. the zone had some great baptisms and we have a lot more coming up. brother xxx and sister xxx are doing amzing! brother xxx has gotten rid of smoking completely wheres a shirt and tie to church and looks like a stud!1 
just a short email 
love ya all
 elder hansen


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