Sunday, September 14, 2014

09/08/14 Fasting with a Purpose Brings Blessings!


Elder Hansen told us he was fasting for a purpose on 09/07/14 so Darin and I decided to fast along with him even though we did not know what his purpose was.  What we do know is that he has righteous desires and so we added our prayers and fasting to his.

Dear family,
I loved your emails!!! very spiritual and uplifiting for me!! I loved the part about you two fasting together! I can tell you that i definitley felt your prayers and fast! thank you so much!  dad that story you told me about our distant relatives is way awesome, it gave me the goose bumps. I mean imaging if they didnt do those things and what not i could also not be here and the people i have met could have not come to know the gospel and the people they will meet ect.......its a never ending chain. just like the vision in the old testament i cant remember where but it talks about the gospel; as a big boulder rolling down the mountain until it consumes everything.....that is what is happening now!!!!! time is flying by.....this past week we had our mission conference....two days half the mission per can be stressful for us because we do a lot of the organizing, conducting solving probs...and so forth as well as giving a workshop in front of all the misisonaries and then going home in the late afternoon and teaching our thing that is hard for me to get used to is having less time to teach.....but this week we should be able to get a lot done teaching wise!! one answer to our prayer and fast is that we had and inv. family come to church .....we met them the night before (sat) we thought none of our inv would show up because the members that stopped by to pick up the others said that the invs wouldnt be coming....we were kind of sad about that but just before sac., started we saw the family come in!!!!! we were so excited!!!! so time is going by to fast.....its all ready september!! i dont understand why time speeds up the longer you are in the mission....i would hope that it would slow down......but there is nothing i can do about that.....Im giving it my all and really finding myself here in the mission. I have come to a better understanding about conversion. im still working on being more converted to the gospel can be hard.....but sooooooo worth it.
I love you all so much!!
love elder Hansen



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