Sunday, October 5, 2014

09/29/14 New Missionaries! Busy in the Zone!

That is so weird that Jessie and Jordan are now home from their missions...I cannot even imagine that from today until January I only have four months left in the mission...and no I'm not counting the days promise. I'm just blown away at how fast time goes by.. a couple of sisters emailed me from my batch I go home but in a way I hope a lot of things have changed.
This week we had the new missionaries come in there were 25 of them!! sooooooo many! They are so young and just brand new from the mtc....
Anyways we basically had three days with no work because of that. so not much happened for us this past week... we are hoping to see some good progress in a few of our investigators but we need to find a lot more. This next month we have zone interviews so for the next like three weeks every day except monday ,sat, sun. we will be traveling to other zones giving workshops and what not.......this next month will fly by..I'm trying to think of what else I have to say...not much.. make sure you tell Jordan and Jessie  HI! for me and congrats!! wow I Love the mission so much.. I have learned so much here and am still learning . The things stated in my patriarchal blessing are definitely coming true...Ii love this church with all my heart and will always remain true. I will never hide my light from others. I can say in front of anyone that I am LDS and I will share my beliefs and bear testimony to them that I know that Jesus Christ lives and this is the restored gospel. Just look at the fruit of what happened to Joseph Smith. Look at all the good things that came from his decision to find the truth......"by their fruits ye shall know them" nothing more true than that scripture right there. 
MOM I AM WRITING YOU A LETTER TODAY SO DONT WORRY!! I have little time left so I'm going to say good bye and that I love you all
Love Elder Hansen
The following are some pictures from a senior couple missionary and another blog of Zone Conferences.  Elder Hansen and his companion did training and other responsibilities.
The Sister Senior missionary commented to me that Elder Hansen is "always smiling!"  That makes me happy!  His nickname from infancy was "Smiley Riley!"



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