Monday, February 3, 2014

1/26/14 Very Happy Message!

Alright,  so I would love to start this week off with some great news!!!!!!!!!!! This news will actually blow you away because of its truthfulness. Just wanna mention that Jesus Christ lives. I feel his presence always here in this work.  I know that he is guiding this work everyday and puts people in our lives for a reason. Love everyone know matter how they treat you. A member mentioned to us on Sunday that about our freedom to choose or about all of our decisions even with being offended or not. We choose to be offended,  we choose to be happy,  we choose to be sad,  we choose whether to be obedient or not. People can never say that someone else made me disobedient,  we choose those things for ourselves. But anyway,  I would just like to say that this week was a great week! We are starting to find more and we have some good progressing investigators.   I'm very excited for them. One family,  the XXXX family,  was a street contact.  We taught them once and that Sunday they went to church.  Me and Elder Urcia are very excited about them!!! We also had some other investigators come to church which made for a great Sunday! As for me and Elder Urcia we are doing great we have a really great companionship. So just for all my friends serving missions in the states,  I would just like to give you a little shout out to not complain ever about your apartments.  Here in out apartment we have no running water and havent now for about a week.......I will add a lovely picture of what came out of the bottom of our water tank here at the end of this so take a nice look! But as for me I'm doing great.  I can't believe that I'm now way close to a year scares me how fast time goes by.  I can't wait for Sunday,  I'm going to share my testimony of what I have noticed change in my life since I have been in the mission. One thing I have noticed is my outlook on all people. If I think about where I started to where I am now coming into a new country,  new race etc....I think I was judging the people because they live differently than us, but as I think of it now I have grown such a love for this country and I am so grateful that I['m serving here!!! Heavenly Father has helped me develop a great love for all people!!! I love this work with all my heart and will be very sad to leave this place.
I will always have the Philippines pride in my heart!!
Love Elder Hansen

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