Monday, February 3, 2014

02/02/14 A Rougher Week (And a Miracle!)

Alright so my title explains my week in a nut shell......this week was a rather rough week. It was hard teaching lessons,  it was very hard on Sunday because we had no investigators attend church.  We are having a hard time in the finding part of the work because we can't get the members to work with us very often....One good thing is that we got our water fixed and now we actually will be moving apartments to a nicer new one where we will get the third floor and the roof so it is a really cool house!!! Let me just jump into the miracle. So as I said earlier we have had a really hard time getting referrals in this area....the members kind of don't know how to give them correctly.  But as I have been praying hard to receive help and blessings in the area I finally got an answer.

I logged onto my email and notice that I got an email from a sister serving in Laog mission that is from my branch. I have never talked to her before and I actually don't know how she got my email.  But she did somehow and she knew somehow that she needed to email me. She sent me a list of names,  three investigator referrals and two less active referrals!!!! I can just say that is a blessing, no,  a miracle for me and this area! I know the Lord has his hand in the work and as long as we are doing what we need to do we will be blessed. I can see this happening right before my eyes!!! 

Stay obedient,  stay focused on the Lord. Stay focused on becoming better and focused on His will not ours. Even though we have a rough time we will be blessed.

I'm sorry this is short,  but I love you all.  Thanks for everthing and I'm so excited to receive some emails from all of you if you aren't too busy....hahaha
This is a picture of a stone head that Elder Hansen found just walking along a path!

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