Monday, February 17, 2014


I am seeing that Elder Hansen is becoming very matter of fact and his English is falling to pieces! I will try and recreate the sentence structures and punctuation, but if you were to see the original it is hilarious!  I hope he will be able to speak English when he gets home!

Alright,  so this week was pretty decent. I've been able to help out the other elders in my district by going on exchanges with them this past week. They are just really trunky because they both go home together....and they are in a threesome companionship so they are way crazy together,  way loud and stuff....But yeah,  so on
Friday I went on exchanges with them and the APs decided to go on exchanges with us as well.  But I didn't know so they went straight to my area. They worked with my companion and another elder from a different companionship. So even tho the aps worked in my area I didn't work with them....So now I can officially say that I am at a year in the mission....Koa (this is his friend that he went on vacation to the Philippines with as a senior in high school and then those two and the boy who took them to the Philippines all got called to The Philippines on missions) even though you are in Manilla I'm at a year hahaha! Just kiddin man your lucky,  I wish I still had that much time in the mission because It really is such a fun time here.  You learn so many things from others. I've noticed the big change in my personality...I'm not nearly as sarcastic as I used to be and I don't crack as many jokes as I used too....maybe I'm growing up on the mission......nahhhhhh......hahaha! I still dont know how to wash clothes or cook.....thats Philippines mission life....tagalaba and you have Filipinos who know how to cook. (Ok, What???!!! another mom insert!)

The area is doing alright.  We have actually been dropping some of our investigators because they just arent progressing. We don't want to continue wasting precious hours teaching people that refuse to change. I have been able to develop my faith more in finding.  You have to do a lot of street contacts to even find people that wanna listen and when your in an area like mine there arnt many people to talk to. #BUKIDLIFE haha! But yeah we will be focusing on getting the members more involved in giving referals to us and then they join in the lessons so they can become the fellowshipper. Its been a challenge to help them learn and gain the confidence. 

we met a less active  who was baptized a long time ago but got offended when he move here to Aguilar....he actually changed religions and everything to iglesia ni that was interesting but his daughter was baptized 2011 and she is willing to come back.  So we actually got some ni (Tagalog word?) out of that visit. Other than that nothing much is happening right now. I'm sad because my follow up goes home this next week,  Elder barney......Its way weird how fast time goes by.
Anyway,  I love you all.  Write back if you would like to..
Love Elder Hansen
This is an excerpt from Elder Hansen's personal email to us.  We had just told him how our Stake President gave us a challenge to pray about three families or people to hopefully introduce to the gospel.  He told us that when it is right, the people seem to come into your life more often and allows chances to be friends and get to know them and love them and hopefully teach them.  The missionaries really need the members to be diligent in this missionary work!  That is what he is trying to teach the members in the Philippines, so that the teaching will be more accepted and the area will grow>
I want to start off with saying I'm so glad that the stake President is having you do that. It really needs to start happening with all the members.  That is the only way that missionary work will take off. More people get baptized and stay active in the church if they have been referred to the missionaries by one of their friends and that friend becomes their fellowshipper....Its so hard to get people to understand that here......I hope you will apply that in your life.  I will continue to pray for Griffin and all of you. Don't worry about my birthday just send me your love hahaha and a new CTR ring if you want........mine is broken....... So Elder Barney goes home next week. It seems like yesterday that I was with him in Asingan now he is going home......It scares me how fast time goes. I also can't believe that my birthday is all ready way I'm starting all of my lasts in the mission last birthday last Mothers day and stuff like that....its pretty crazy....but hey just wanna say that I am way jealous of Koa in Manila he has like Ihop and all these sweet resteraunts....I'm still thinking of the first place I will eat at when I go home......maybe Cafe Rio......

Love you all so much! Love Elder Hansen
***Obviously time to send some treats from home again!***

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