Monday, January 20, 2014

Transfers 1/19/14

Week...Well I don't even know

So yeah last week was transfer week.  I got a new companion,  his name is Elder Urcia.  He actually came from a different mission when our mission split. But he is really nice.  He is from Cagayan Valley area so he speaks Illocano.  But the past few days have been really great actually even though we didnt have inv. at church the week was fairly successful. I just really hope that we will stay to see the fruit of our labors again. Hopefully we can find some great new and progressing investigators.   This week has been a challenging week as well just getting a new companion and what not. I just don't like adjusting,  like at all. But I'm very excted for this transfer because I love this area and I want to help it grow so much. On Sunday though,  me and Elder Urcia show up to church like 45 min before and the branch president isn't there yet....he ended up showing up at like 850.  Good thing we actually didn't have inv.  show up or they would have been like what is this church they arent even on time to hopefully the members will adjust to being in the morning now!! I've noticed that time seems to go by so fast if you just put your head down and just always think about the  work.  When you start thinking about home time goes by so slow...........but so far time is flying by for me....hey I'm less than a month away from a year!!!! That just blows my mind.  I don't really have much else to say this week except for the fact that I miss American food so bad.......hahaha
Love  Elder Hansen
(Mom's note)
Even I can detect some homesickness there!  You have to be mentally tough to serve a mission.  Things do not always go your way, Investigators don't line up to be baptized, and then there is the mix of missing home and family.  What is amazing though is that I will dwell on how he is feeling all week, and he will plow right through it.  It is also a lesson in patience and courage for family at home!

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