Monday, January 6, 2014


So Christmas is now that's how fast time goes by? So the thing about the Philippines is that during holidays like Christmas and New Years we have a curfew so what that means is that at six pm we have to be inside..>>>so its kind of lame. I don't know if it is like that in the states or in other countries but it is basically what I did for Christmas was open up my presents that my momma sent me and then we went to our branch Christmas party, it was way fun! Just kind of having a good time with the members, I'm not going to lie though Christmas isn't the same if you don't have snow.... but all in all I had a great Christmas. Here in the Phils we are basically a day ahead of all of you people back at home so what my plan was is to skype home on Thursday morning or Christmas night there. But turns out that our internet back at the house was all jacked up so I wasn't able to skype home. That was pretty hard to deal with mentally, seeing my family for a second and then they were gone and I couldn't get it back. But at least I was able to talk to them earlier today!! Other than that the work was a little slower this week.  Me and Elder Flores will be focusing a lot on finding and earning some referrals from  the members. Its way more effective than street contacting. Oh and if anyone at home has some referrals for me (if you know what I'm talking about) feel free to give me their emails....ahaha just kidding that's a ways away still. Oh and one last thing....I accidently shocked myself with my Tazer again.....right after I was done praying.....freak Tazers hurt!! haha but yeah that was my week here are the pics from our baptism a couple of weeks ago.Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (Hopefully I can get the pictures to download, they can get corrupted in the transfer)
This is Elder Hansen with the Branch President's daughter...

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