Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas! 12/22/13

Just an update!  Our computer crashed about every 3-4 minutes trying to Skype with Riley on Christmas night!  We finally decided to call him on 12/29/13 instead.  That phone call was amazing!  We talked for an hour and I recorded most of it! He sounded happy other than being on curfew for Christmas and New Years because it can be dangerous out and about!  Update, after having a Century Link tech come out and after we replaced all of our modem and cables, 2 days later it crashed again!  It is working momentarily right now and they are coming out tomorrow!  I hate computers! Can't live with them can't live without them!

So here is Riley's email right before Christmas!
Merry CHRISTmas! sooooo maligayang pasko! sooooooo wow two years ago to this day me k finn and koa and curtis were chillin here in the and sweet malls buying people beats and basketball jerseys jet skiiing in the ocean ect.....even though that was all fun what im doing right now is a lot more fulfilling. You don't realize the true meaning of Christmas until you get out and experience it for yourself. And me being in such a calling as a missionary I have that exact opportunity. A little kid once explained what the meaning of love is..."love is when someone says your name just a little different, and you know your name is safe in their mouth." So for me I apply that to my life right now as I share my testimony that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives guiding this church and the people therein to salvation. As I share His sacred name to others I protect his name his name is safe in my mouth, His name has my love wrapped around it just like his atonement encompasses all of us. The meaning of Christmas is so much more than getting gifts and being happy its giving you love and friendship to all of those who are in need. Feeding the hungry clothing the naked housing the homeless. We are disciples of Christ and Children of God. I know that this is the true church and I know that this season is a very special season for us all to enjoy with our families and others. please keep the spirit of Christ with you throughout these holidays. 

So this week was amazing we had our Christmas party which was way fun and the food was great, and we also got to watch the Polar Express!!!! so much better than what kyle watched....hhahahaha but yeah so that was a blast and then to top off a great week we had two baptisms on Saturday!! which really did come with some trials, even up to the very hour of their baptism. the lola wasnt even able to be baptized because her heart is messed up and she cant walk. So Satan is definitely trying to mess with the work but it didnt stop us!! We stayed focused and we just went the exta mile to help them and we saw the blessings. So another fun thing that I did was I bought a super high powered Tazer/flashlight!! hahah I'm not sure if they are illegal in America but they are way fun!! It shines so far so thats a blessng of being in the philippines. (mom i was kidding about the illegal part) and the last fun thing that happend to me was I got a nice little night i actually got up to 103 degrees! But dont worry mom and don't email Sister Monahan because im fine!! but yeah that is about it for the week!! i just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! 

love Elder (thor) Hansen

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