Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year Email 01/06/14

ummm so its all ready 2014??? I feel like I just left last February? So that just blows my mind how fast time goes by. I would like to testify of what Koa said in his email that the Filipinos go crazy on Christmas and New Years!!! (Kyle, Koa and Riley are all friends who vacationed their senior year in Manila with Kyle's family.  Now they have all been called as missionaries there, but in different missions!)  but like Kyle said I'm also in a small area so there isn't like the crazy ones that Koa saw. But this week has been okay. I think going through our curfew days and what not the work was just really frustrating. Its like we didn't get much done we were working but we got punted a lot and just there wasn't much progression. So thats life as a missionary.  Sometimes you are super frustrated it can be very frustrating when people don't want to listen or don't act upon what you are teaching them. I just want to force them sometimes but that would take away their agency. But I had a great holiday I'm ready to get the new year underway get my head down and just get working. The mission for me is more enjoyable when your just working hard, the holidays make this difficult for the work. Most likely
Elder Flores will be transfering he has been here for six months but transfer day is still like two weeks away.  But yeah I've been here for three,  he's been here for six,  so im guessing he will transfer. Sometimes Elders get area trunky and it drives me crazy so hopefully I can keep him busy before he leaves. I'm very excited for the new year to start up now and I can't believe I'm like a month away from a year in the mission!!!!!! ano ba iyon???? time goes way to fast...its scary, it was also so nice to talk to my family last Monday it was so refreshing to actually hear their voices. But yeah thats about it for me love you all have a great week\
love Elder Hansen

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