Thursday, October 10, 2013

09/16/13 District Leader/ New Companion

Hey family thanks for the great email!! Well hey I'm just so glad you
guys are having a great week so far and having the opportunities to
share the gospel.  That's cool that you saw Tav at Cafe shouldn't have told me at Cafe Rio though you should have said
at some vegetable restaurant that way it wouldn't make me miss food
hahaha just kidding! But yeah so I had a crazy week with lots of ups
and downs that I will write a letter to you about.  I don't want to send
it over email. (We still do not know what that was about!)  But I'm doing great. I have another new companion.  Elder Delapaz
 was transferred.  My new companion goes home in three months so I will
probably kill him in the mission or send him home haha! He is way cool!
He is from Springville Utah.  He is half Filipino and half German.  I'm
not quite sure how to spell his name but its elder Frishnicht or
something haha! But he is a great elder. He looks Filipino but speaks
normal Utah English haha!  But yeah I am now a district leader here in
Calisao District so I'm excited.  I  will be giving workshops every week
to my district,  I interview people for baptism and interview all the
companionships in my district. So far it  has been going great. The
members are getting more excited about missionary work because I'm
actually involving them. We had mcm last week and every day we have
member signed up to work with us. We also received five referrals
last week that we will contact this week and actually later tonight we
are going to contact one of them. Random thought real quick two girls
are singing a cranberries song right now I have no idea why the
Cranberries are popular here, they are so old! Haha! but yeah so
hopefully we will get some new investigators this week. Bro. June
Capitle is going to be baptized on Sept. 28 as long as the interview
goes good on Saturday but our other Brother investigator had to extend his ibd
because he drank a little beer.   He
totally understood, he still goes to church every week and said that
he will stop now and completely  understands that it is bawal or
My Tagalog is coming along really well, my comp who is about to go
home said that I'm all ready pretty fluent so that's pretty cool!!! So
yeah that's about it for the work oh one really funny thing I saw
yesterday was a dog had his head stuck in a fence and he was jumping
up and down trying to get it out I wish I would have  filmed it or
something haha but yeah were doing good here in Malasiqui!  I love you
love Elder Hansen

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