Thursday, October 10, 2013

Elder Hansen's First Baptism! Happy Day!


(Referring to the Chili Pepper incident!)
hahaha yeah it was the craziest thing!!! it hurt so bad I'm not even kidding. Too bad though that mom forgot to put it in her talk haha (Mom did not forget to put that in her talk, she wisely chose to not talk about that in Sacrament meeting!) but I hope the talk was good.  I"m sure it was because mom is an angel. But thanks for the mlb schedule even though I can't watch it! but yeah those yanks just suck maybe in two seasons they will be better. That's soo cool that your doing stuff like that in the ward keep up the good work! How is the ward doing by the way?? Do you have any missionaries assigned there? But anyway as for my week it was awesome!! The baptism did continue and let me just say that  the experience was awesome!! I was the one to baptize him so that was really cool standing in the font guiding him and his family to eternal life. Before the baptism as we were waiting for like the people to get here for the baptism I could tell that he was nervous even in the picture we took before the baptism he wasn't smiling and stuff because I believe that Satan was trying to stop him. He has been an investigator for six years now and he finally made that change of heart and desired to be baptized so you know that Satan was trying to do anything to stop him. But literally right after the actual baptism we were eating a snack or a mirenda and he had the biggest smile on his face and was shaking everyone's hands could just see the change on his face or a change in his countenance!! IT WAS VERY UPLIFTING I'm way excited to keep working we actually found or he found us but an investigator that showed up to the church and wanted to listen. He is golden because he is very smart,  rich and speaks fluent English. He is progressing very quickly its funny how the Lord works in the details.  But yeah later on today we are going to play basketball with a bunch of members and also some investigators!! I'm way excited!  On Saturday we had a branch FHE which was way fun!! We traveled to different barangays to do a FHE and had the last one at the church. we played games ate a bunch of food and had a great time!!
I hope you are all doing good!  I love you!
Elder Hansen

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