Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9 2013

Mom and Dad,  I have not received any of the packages or things that you have sent yet because now that I'm not in Urdaneta it takes a lot longer to get to the missionaries. because all the letters and stuff go to Urdaneta first and then to the other it will be a little while! But I  hope I get it soon. Of course I'm excited to hear from you guys I love reading your emails but more lengthy letters like dad was saying would be really nice too!! (By the way, I have sent a couple and he has not received them either!  Very frustrating and expensive!)  I sent you guys a letter for you and one for Jordan so please relay that letter to him.  As for the area its doing good we need to find new investigators but other than that its good!! Most likely my companion will be transferred and I will get another new comp. and I will most likely be a district leader next transfer.  I don't know if I told you guys that. Yesterday at church since we have our normal church and then a little meeting house that is far away with about 20 members we went out there at like three for sacrament again. But imagine this. Your just out in the mountains a little bit with mango trees banana trees all other kinds of trees some little bamboo houses and a bamboo little roof outside where we meet.  There are about 25 of us just under this little roof. And all of the sudden right when we started the opening hymn the rain came down so hard and the lightning and thunder was nuts!! It was so strong you couldn't hear our voices at all, but when the rain would die down a little you could hear our voices so well it was like angels were singing!  I felt the spirit like crazy. And just to know that all over the world no matter the meeting house people are renewing their covenants to come closer to our Heavenly Father.  I'm changing so much in my thoughts and desires so far on a mission its crazy!! I love serving so much!! 
hahhahahaahahahhaahhahahahaah! (This opening is because Alex teased him about how often he says Haha! in his emails, now if he quits, I will be sad!)  Just kidding!  I won't put haha! anymore in my emails but yeah you suck at writing back!! Just kidding but its all good.  I'm glad your summer was a blast! Now its going to start getting cold again out in Utah....don't worry it might cool down to about 85 degrees but trust me it still feels like a hundred! As soon as it hit September all the malls play Christmas hymns not a joke!  Sept 2 I was listening to jingle bells so yeah the Philippines is worse than mom at starting Christmas music early!! But yeah the work I'm doing out here is really awesome!! I was able to do a service project while on exchanges where we packed 1500 different sacks of food and like it was a ton of food and way fun to see all the members participating!!!! I have also seen some huge spiders here!! You can hear them running on the walls!! It literally blows my mind!! But keep doing good out there and let me know who all goes into the playoffs for baseball!! 
Love Elder Hansen


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