Thursday, October 10, 2013

Letter To Our Ward 9/23/13 Lesson in Patience!

Dear Ward!

So this is the new and IMPROVING Elder Hansen, just a couple things I would like to tell you. First its either hot or it rains but I love it all the same, the work is hard the sleep is great but peace and joy still remain. I was trying to make a little poem on the top of my head but I ran out of ideas. Well I'm here in my second area its called Malasiqui 1st branch the people are very nice and extremely helpful. My companion is half Filipino half German...yes really weird mix but he is awesome he is from Springville Utah and actually goes home in December.  Although he is very close to going home he is still very diligent and I have learned a lot from him. As I have been serving my mission I'm pretty sure the lord has been trying to teach me patience and how to do things his way and not base it off my own carnal wisdom. It's taken me up until this point to really realize what patience is. And why missionaries need to develop Christ like attributes in their work. In the life of our Savior like it says in 1 Nephi 19:9 how the world judged,  smote and spit upon our Savior but he suffureth it, because of his loving kindness or charity and his long suffering towards the children of men. He was our perfect example on how to truly love those we serve no matter what they do to us. In my mission it has been until Sept. 28th that I did not have a baptism.  My very first baptism is almost eight months into my mission so it has definitely taken some patience and diligence on my part as a missionary but I did also need to become humble because as a missionary I don't feel that I was ready to bring someone into the church until I became humbled enough to do things the Lords way. 
Elder Hansen

So that's some of my thoughts that you can share with the ward it's just a little bit but you can take things from other emails but I want you mom to search your thoughts and your feelings about my mission so far....if that makes sense. haha!  (Which I did and loved reporting on Riley's mission to our ward!) 

but yeah so this Saturday the 28th I  have my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited and so energized its awesome!!!! All of these blessings are happening at once the branch is working with us I'm finally getting my first baptism Brother June Capitle.   And I couldn't be more happy! Being a District Leader is all ready helping me grow, I will be the first person the president will come to if there is a problem in one of their areas in my district if their stats are low it will be me first. So I'm responsible for not only showing my district an excellent example of my area but also I'm responsible for giving them training each week, interviewing their baptismal candidates etc....I actually have my first interview on Friday so I'm nervous for that....but yeah I'm doing really great. Here is something funny that happened I think my old temple pants  got left in the mtc or I lost them somehow but I didn't have any and we have a baptism this Saturday.   But I don't have clothes to wear.....and I really doubt the baptismal clothes will fit me here. (With a nickname like Thor, tiny framed Filipino clothes will not fit him!) But I had ordered some new pants a couple weeks ago from lds. org and they happened to get to me today the p day right before the baptism!!! so this is definitely perfect timing hahaha (I refer to this as a miracle!  It takes about six weeks for us to get a package to Elder Hansen!) but yeah I'm doing great! I did get the journals and stuff today as well. I don't know if I got the letters fromm dad or not.... love you guys 
love Elder Hansen


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