Thursday, October 10, 2013

"I'm doing great! I have some bad news..." 10/06/13

Dear Friends,

I have been slacking on keeping up with this blog!  That life thing!  Anyway, to catch up you will need to start on September 16th!  Sorry!  But, a ton has transpired in that little time!  Pray for the people of the Philippines!  Pray for all the missionaries everywhere! Thank you for your support!

haha Hello Mom I will address this email directly to you because I think I'm sensing that you feel that I'm not caring about you haha No I'm just kidding! But thank you for delivering those letters for me and you can tell them that they can email me if they would like but I'm doing great!  (referring to the Bishop and Stake President)  I have some bad news....I'm going to the hospital today because the ingrown toenail that I have had on my foot they just keep coming back worse after I remove them at the salon.  So they are going to remove my entire nail and I will probably have to rest a little.  I'm not sure though. But yeah hopefully they will be able to numb my foot. The hospital is nice though and very clean so don't worry about that!! (Ya Right!)  but I do have to use my own money so I will either be using it just at the hospital or I might have to withdraw. But don't worry about me I will be fine. Just keep saying your prayers for my foot haha and for my investigators if you would like! As for bro. Capitle he is doing great!!!! His wife told yesterday that he wakes up early every morning to read the BoM and he also wakes her up to read with him! So right now he is doing great. Every time we see him he has a huge smile on his face I love it so much!! Did you guys get the pic that I forwarded to you of the baptism??? Oh and yes my camera works and I have been taking pictures its just super slow to upload them to an email so it drives me nuts! But I will send you some pics in letters and stuff as well as emails. I'm glad that conference was good and that dad went to priesthood! We don't get to watch it until this following Sunday but it will still be good! I can't believe that I'm all ready on my second general conference of the mission!! It blows my mind how fast time goes by. When you work hard and stay focused on the work that is exactly what happens. You turn around and it surprises you that I'm all ready eight months down the mission line. As for one of our other investigators I don't know if I told you about him but his name is Bernard and he is a doctor, very smart and very rich and also very interested in the church. He actually happened to preach by the way or a street contact to us. We were in church and he walked up and asked if he could listen. GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR haha Before we had even taught him he texted us and asked if he could get a BOM in English because he is very good at English. that's how we teach him is in English and I honestly can't do it haha When I try and speak in English I sound like a turd!! because all I use now is Tagalog so its like what I'm used to doing, especially in teaching. I would like to ask if you guys will pray for the less actives and the other members here in Malasiqui they need more prayers in their lives so please help us out with your prayers!! I'm doing very good though here.  I just bought a sweet hand made bamboo hymn book holder basically like a scripture case but for my mini hymn book!!! It's made by a member in a different mission but we told him to come today so I placed an order!! So I will send pictures in probably two weeks of this souvenier and maybe one other but I won't tell you what that is yet hahah but I hope you guys have a great week love your son Elder Hansen


Hi Elder Hansen!
About your toe They should numb it and take the nail off. I had that done as a child. Just keep it clean after and hopefully antibiotics! I will pray right now for your mini surgery! I will also pray for and put the less actives on the prayer roll. Get a blessing before your surgery! Very cool about the " golden" investigator and brother capitile. Glad you are taking pics! I don't feel neglected but thanks for paying "special " attention to me ! I love you so much!  You will be ok and I will secretly be holding your hand and giving you a hug through your toe surgery! Love ya lots 

haha thanks a ton mom love you so much and I also get to eat at Mcdonalds today so I'm way pumped!!!
(I guess the trip to the Hospital in the city is worth it for Mcdonalds!)


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