Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year! 12/28/14

Yeah Devin went on a mission and everything so that is way cool!!! (His friend Devin just got engaged)  Tell him I'm way pumped for him!
I LOVED THAT VIDEO OF BETTY!! haha she still seems the exact same! She can still bring joy to anyones heart.  ( I sent a video of our dog on Christmas morning opening her own presents!) I'm glad you had a great Christmas! I also loved our skype call for one it didnt make me trunky at all which usually happens to others on their last call home so im grateful that we kept the convo on a positive side about uplifting things! It seems that you are all doing really well at home and are successful! 
Here in Aguilar of course things are going good as well. Our IBD has been in Malasiqui for the past week and a half so we haven't been able to teach them....We have to extend their IBDS so I wont be there for it now. It doesn't matter though!!! I will continue to find and do the best I can for this next month up until the very end!! I have to if my wife is going to be attractive! just kiddin hahah We are doing some good finding and members are really helping out right now with the work. We hope that they will keep it up! I cant believe its going to be 2015 now ! How can time go by that fast? Did it seem fast to you all as well? I'm sure that it didn't for you mom cause you have been waiting for me to come home now for 2 yrs haha I want to give you a heads up that my last email home wont be anything special....not like some going home testimony or anything like that just to warn you all....haha I'm excited for the week because we will be able go and  do a lot of finding and teaching!! I'm starting to turn into a Filipino when I speak English....or Taglish I was telling members that I skyped home with you and to do that you would say "nakipagskype ako sa family ko" if you notice skype is in the sentence right? but the way I pronounced it was "skip"....I dont know if that would be funny to you but that is really funny here hahahahhahahah I love you guys and im grateful for the wonderful season here in the Philippines!!

lder Hansen

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