Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 and 2 Weeks left on mission

Mom that sounds horrible about you getting sick...I'm sorry about that.  I'm glad that you are all doing great at home and that sounds like an awesome idea about praying for those things specifically, (we told him about praying for dates and people to have the missionaries teach) it is very true about what president said that missionaries pray all the time. Like we pray a lot haha I have gained a testimony of prayer here in the mission. To be honest I wasnt the most active kid in the gospel before the mission, and I regret that but now that I have changed I will just keep moving forward.  To be honest I am excited to come home as well but im not trunky and it doesnt effect my work here. I actually dont feel like im going home in two weeks.... it literally doesnt sound real when I say that. It seems impossible that I go home in two weeks.....our investigators are doing okay here we still dont have anyone progressing towards baptism but we will just keep working hard and it will happen. The sacrament attendance has increased the past weeks that I have been here. It has gone from 90s to now 146!!! So we are way pumped about what is happening there!
I have a great gift for all of you when I get home and I hope you cherish it forever . But I'm not going to tell you what it is until I get home!! Its something that you will be able to use forever. I don't know what else to talk about except for the fact that on sat night while we were sleeping there was an earthquake!! haha I was asleep and it woke me up but I was still half asleep and didnt realize what was going on and then I finally noticed that my bed was moving back and forth and I didnt understand why. The thought popped into my head that it was an evil spirit hahahaha but then I fell back to sleep. I thought it was just a dream until someone else was like did you guys feel that lindol last night?? and I was like what?? There was one pala? hahah and they were like yeah. No damage or anything but just a cool little story for you all! Have a great week and dont miss me too much!!
Elder Hansen
(I love how he all of a sudden throws out a Tagalog word here and there!)
Happy New Year to all of you back at home!! I'm sure you all had a blast. We had a good time as well here in Aguilar. members treated us really well and the work went pretty good.  President emailed me and said that he pulled out the baseball ornament and said that he is excited to hang that up on a real tree next year. (We sent him a Baseball Christmas ornament that Riley signed as they have that in common) I love the Monahans so much.  The little choices change our lives. That is one thing I learned here in the mission. The Lord expects us to decide for ourselves and to chose the right. We should not have to be told to do all things but should be anxiously engaged. The work was good this week we had the E family go to church and we are working with our branch president on how we can help bro. X with his drinking problem.
The members,  I really like here. They are very nice to me and supportive of the work. I'm so excited though to go to the temple again! It has been so long since I have been there!!! I dont know why but I feel drawn to the temple right now and I miss it like crazy!
Thank you all for being such great examples to me my whole life. I am excited to be my brother's friends when I get back. I love you guys and miss you all but we will see each other soon
Love Elder Hansen



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