Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas! 2014

Elder Hansen has been transferred to a new area, new companion and new assignment.

Dear Mom and Dad,
So yes I did receive your long letter mom and it was amazing!! Thank you so much for all the things you said to me! It really helped boost my spirits a lot. I was a little nervous to go and open an area but I'm here in Aguilar again haha so I will spend my second Christmas and new year in the same house! I went to the other branch though so I will get to know all of Aguilar before I go home! haha Its pretty funny that I'm back. We have 2 IBDS right now that we extended yesterday. Its a part member family! The Mendoza family and they are really nice! My companions name is Elder Raguin. He is from Occidental Minduro he does speak Tagalog. He is really nice and way diligent and excited to work! I won't have a hard time training him. Thank you as well for the advice on training him. It will help me alot. I just need to love the opportunity you know? I hope you have a great time at the lights and what not! That will be way fun visiting Temple square. I miss that place now...I used to complain about going there haha sorry. So if we are going to skype it will be like 11 am for me here I don't know what time at night that is for you. I don't really have the ability to figure that out but I think you can figure it out using computers and what not there ....but it will be Christmas night for you guys and the 26th for me here. I'm really excited to skype home for the last time but we are only alotted 45 min. but that doesn't matter cause I will be seeing you like a month after that...haha things are going good here and I'm not trunky at all. I don't plan on it either. I just pray for the help every day. I didn't make the fudge sorry mom. (I sent hime a fudge kit in his package) Dad, I loved that story about the choir hahahahahahahaha( Darinb and I went up to sing in sacrament meeting, when we thought it was the youth and leaders, turn.  The choir thought it was their turn, so Darin decided to just join them and fake it like he belonged!) you will sing a solo for my homecoming is that okay? haha I think that would be a really great way for you to feel the spirit even more in your life!Especially singing hymns!! Such an awesome idea! I hope you have the best Christmas ever even though I wont be home for it that doesn't matter. Just know that I am out serving the Lord and helping other people know the real reason why we have Christmas!! I'm excited to bless the lives of others here in Aguilar. I will just get on and email you guys before I make the skype call. That would work right? okay anyway I love you guys so much have a great holiday season\Love Elder Hansen

Group Email

So this will be a super long email....hah not. I'm sorry but I just hate emailing now. training is amazing and I love my comp. elder Raguin! he is way good at teaching and very diligent in the work. He still has the MTC spirit to help me through these last weeks!! anyways I love you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!
I'm here in Aguilar 2b if any of you remember  a year ago I was in Aguilar 1st so I'm back in my same apartment for my last Christmas haha what a coincidence right? 
Elder Hansen
(We spoke to Elder Hansen Christmas night, which was December 26th for him, for about 45 minutes.  He had become sick from eating some bad food on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day sick at his stomach.  But he was feeling better when we talked to him and was getting ready to go to their branch Christmas party.  He was still smiling and happy!  I love that boy!)

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