Sunday, November 30, 2014

11-16-14 New Investigators!

Thank you so much dad for the great letter! That is awesome to hear about your experience at church earlier today. Every Sunday can be a spiritual experience we just have to be open to it. I wasted a lot of Sundays at church back at home not really paying attention and just going because it was something I had to do. f you ever get the chance please tell President Philipoom that I love him and please also tell Bishop Carver the same. Yesterday at chruch while we were sitting in the sacrament hall waiting for church to begin we noticed that only one of our investigators was there. (we were excited about that but hoping for more) that was
Brother Ceasar, we have been teaching a lady who is from Tacloban. She was affected by the massive storm that came in last year. Her house was destroyed she was on top of a building with water up to her that shows how deep it the tide was and she was holding two little kids in her arms so they wouldnt drown. Anyways it was a great experience when we met her because she had met elders before and went to church before. It also just so happens that their neighbor here is also a member but they are kind of less active. So what we did is decided to make the members fellowshipers for sis. Rose.  Two Sundays ago we had planned with them that sis. Rose would go with them to church and none of them came...sis Rose was even ready to go but the members werent....then throughout this week we made sure the members were there at all the lessons. So I go back to where we were sitting in sacrament...we started singing the opening hymn and they wernt there yet but I decided to look back again...of course being ancy to see if they would come...and turns out they did!They even brought other members with them that are Less Active!! We gave an IBD to sis. Rose Mary last night for dec. 13. things are going pretty well here! I'm glad that Bingham killed Riverton!! haha is that bad to say?? nope!! haha I'm glad for Mickey! Tell the Greens Hi for me.   Tell mom that I love her and I'm excited for the other packages but the one has not come in yet. Also tell her how much I appreciate her and all that she does for me. oh you will notice that i withdrew a decent chunk of money last week .that is because i got two ingrowns removed haha but im doing good now and i dont think i will get them again for the rest of my mission. Time sure is a flying....I'm way excited for Preston! If you can tell him to email me. ( He is a baseball friend who has decided to serve a mission)
anyways the misssion life is doing great !!
Elder Hansen

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