Sunday, November 30, 2014

11-09-14 New Companion Elder Mahayahay

Hey mom so transfer week was crazy!! We are always so busy running around the mission helping people out with different things and getting everyone ready for transfers. To be honest it takes a ton of time away from the work like 3 to 31/2 days total of no work! The time is going good my new comps name is Elder Mahayahay! He is really nice and is from Palawan which I like. It is a really beautiful area in the Philippines. That is really sad to hear about Lance but I  hope he can get back out soon. ( Lance played baseball with Riley in high school.  He was on a mission and began to lose his eyesight.  He had to come home and have surgery, but is all ready back in the mission field again, Yea!)  The work is going pretty well here we need to get finding some more. We werent able to get very many new Investigators this week but this next week will be a great one!! Funny story. we were able to teach brother Ceasars wife the other night who is pregnant, and was supposed to give birth in the next few days. but while we were there she wasnt really experiencing pain or dialating but i guess when we left she went into labor! I guess the baby was just waiting to hear our lovely voices before she came out. And another part is that the doctor told them that it was a guy....but a night later the dad was changing the diapers and he noticed that it wasnt a boy but it was a GIRL!!! hahaha how can the doc. even mess that up?
I'm doing really good here.  I was a little nervous to lead the area and to lead being an AP but I'm doing okay now! No problems. Another things is mom the one package came in the same day Elder Macabenta went home! But he was on the bus when we got to the office. haha oh well I will get it to him some other way. Life is going great and I love you all so much! Have a great week!
love elder Hansen

So this week was crazy fast especially getting the new missionaries settled in! haha They are so young! Its weird to see new missionaries come in and thinking that I was exactly like that. I have also seen some of the other missionaries come in and how much they have grown up in just a short time .Its weird to think about life. We are always new to something going to do something new new job new calling new friends new life but what doesnt change during all of that is our Savior. His gospel will always be the same and that is the truth. Truth never changes. No matter who we are the gospel is the same for everyone, and if we follow it we will be blessed. Life is good! I love the mission and i am growing up so much here. I feel like I'm a different person driven by different things. My life isn't focused on myself anymore. I'm focused on facing Jesus Christ. I love my Savior and I love this calling and I dont want to ever take the tag off.  It will always engraven in my heart! IM doing great thank you for all the prayers I really feel them
i love you all so much
love Elder Hansen


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