Saturday, November 30, 2013

Through God we receive all Blessings 11/17/13


(He was writing this email at the same time I was writing him one and neither of us realized it.  So, yes, I NEVER miss emailing Elder Hansen)

So my family doesn't want to email to me huh?????? haha well its okay I understand you don't really love me!! But as for me I'm doing great. We had another really good week we now have 8 IBDS  so hopefully those will continue to progress and what not. One thing that happened was that some of our investigators were not able to go to church yesterday so that was a bummer.....I was really frustrated at first.... but me and Elder Flores were asked to give talks 10 min before sacrament so its like okay prepare a talk in ten Tagalog ready go>> haha!  I shared two example of people in the scriptures. One person Ammon boasts of his God because he knows that because of him he receives all the blessings. And the other is a group of Nephite dissenters that would boast in their own strength. What happened was  that when danger and problems came God left them in their own strength so they all basically died or got messed up and the spirit left them. But Ammon continued to receive many blessings. So that is what I talked about yesterday. But I don't know if you heard but my friend that was one of the missing missionaries in Typhoon Haiyan,  is going home because he messed up his hand way bad on a knife in the middle of the he will get it operated on in the states and then head back out. He also saw a lot of death so he is very sad as all of us are......but as for me I'm doing just fine here in Urdandeta mission. I really am doing great here we have a FHE at families house later on tonight.  They are some of our investigators so hopefully this should be way fun!!! I'm buying ice cream too so it should be great!!!! But hopefully you can email me before I have to get off...anyways love you guys love
Elder Hansen
2nd email
alright thanks for that amazing email! I got it late for some reason....I don't know why but I'm doing great! I sent an email all ready but I just want to say thank you for everything and I hope you have a great week.

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