Saturday, November 30, 2013

Forgiveness, Conversion and Exerise! 10/20 and 10/27/13


Mom and Dad
 Well freak let me first start out with I got transferred!!!!!! yeah last Friday so I missed the baptism of (The Brother who had a stroke)....he was awesome and I didn't even get to say goodbye to him....I feel bad but its just how it happened.  (This has happened several times during Riley's mission.  He gets investigators ready for baptism and they transfer him before they can be baptized.  I told him that his job is obviously to prepare and then move on and not to worry) But my new area is in Lingayen zone.  Its called Aguilar. I'm assigned to the first branch...its a way cool area but we have no ibds right now and no progressing investigators so I'm here to do some work!!! My new companion's name is Elder Flores.  He is from Bacolod area!! He is a great guy.
So far I have only been here for three days so I don't really know the area and stuff but it seems way fun. We taught a great lesson last night about repentance. It seemed to really help this Less active out. Hopefully it did.  (In speaking about working hard and homesickness or troubles on your mind Riley says the following) I find that when you are working hard you don't really think about your problems or home.  No offense but when I'm out working I don't really think about you guys.....hahahaha but I do love you guys of course. I'm glad that you guys had a good time at Uncle Bears Memorial tribute...I can't believe its almost been a year now that he passed away from us for a short period of time. I say a short period of time because to him it is a very short period of time and if we look at things in the eternities we realize how short our time really is. Dad the bands I want you have to order from the store. The bands down stairs are old now so they would just break anyway.   I'm having a great time here I'm in a new house and turns out that another Elder from my batch and district in the mtc is in my house.  He is from Kearns,  Utah his name is Elder Uhi.  He is a great guy. Anyway I will be writing you a letter and sending it next week so I won't put too much more in here. I love you guys so much
Love Elder Hansen


In this email he is referring to someone that he knows personally who was struggling to overcome some sins and problems in their life.
Hey guys I'm glad you are doing great!! I know that because of the savior we can over come
anything in our lives. I have some talks that I will be sending to you guys that are
about repentance and the Saviors' mercy. The talks are absolutely amazing. This coming Saturday I have a baptism of a Brother. He is
awesome.   He is the one who had a stroke a couple years ago!! That was
the thing that opened the door for him for the gospel. His wife has
said that he has changed so much because of our teaching to him. Alot
of the other religions have gone to him but nothing ever changed
except for when we went to him. His wife I believe will follow him in
membership!! This was a great experience for me to see. Yes mom I did
get the Halloween package. DAD will you please send me some jaeger arm
bands. They are baseball bands. I want to work out my arm and stuff. Pres.
Monahan wants to play catch!@! haha But this has been a great week one
of our zone leaders goes home tomorrow Elder Beckstrom he lives in
Spanish Fork, try and find him! We got really close these past two
transfers!! I don't know if I will be transferred or not this transfer
I doubt it but it is possible. I love
you guys keep in touch like always!! haha Love ya Elder Hansen

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