Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tender Mercies 11/03/13

Wow so that is some great news!!! Its awesome to hear how you are doing and the changes that are happening in your lives. I hope the blessings will continue for you all!! that is way awesome!!! Please tell them that I'm very proud of them and to just keep up the great work and to know that all blessings come from obedience! (This was in reference to some close relatives who were able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, not mentioning names for privacy!)   Congrats to Alex for passing the first test.  I know he can pass the second one too. They might not give him his license though because he has a receding hair line. haha just kidding. (That is in reference to his brother who passed his Real Estate test and is now licensed!) I will be sending you letters later on today! So about me! So my third area! Holy crap time flies by its crazy I'm on my third area now. I was kind of bummed that I got transferred but its okay. But my new comp is awesome! Elder Flores. We get along really well. The area itself is kind of hard we don't have any progressing investigators or IBDS so we have some work to do here....but I'm ready for the challenge. The members have been really nice though and for the most part they are willing to work with us. Its just the fact that our area is pretty wide so we have been working on finding people but its kind of difficult. As for teaching though it goes good. We have some good potential investigators. I have been doing really good here and I'm very grateful I have a Filipino companion so that my Tagalog will get even better.  (He is also learning a new dialect called Pangasinan or something like that, most of the people speak that but also Tagalog in his new area) Hearing such great news about (close relative)  as I just read dads email makes me very grateful for the tender mercies we receive each day. I don't think we could count how many we receive each day like ever but those little blessings like getting a text from someone you love just as it seems that things are at an all time low can completely change your attitude and maybe your life. I know that XXXX sending that text at that time to dad was not a coincidence, our Father in Heaven knew that you needed to hear that amazing news about XXXXX dad. All I know from what I have experienced is that you cannot give up on people. If we put it in terms of our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ, they have never given up and will never give up on any of us, the gospel of Jesus Christ is there for us.  All we need to do is put forth a little bit of effort and test our faith a little bit and grab on to the hand of mercy that is extended endlessly out to us. I just want you to know that I love you so much no matter what happens.  Whatever happens I will be here to lift up the hands that hang helplessly down. If you are ever sad or depressed send me an email because I'm here for all of you.  Please if you need help ask your Heavenly Father.
I love all of you please take care of yourselves this week have a great week. I will as well.

Love Elder Hansen

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