Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/19/15 Last week of Mission...

Mom thanks for a great email I will make sure I let them know that you said those things! II asked him to tell his companion and President Monahan and Sister Monahan that I appreciate their sacrifice and service),  as for me here in Philippines things are going great! It's weird to be honest that I go home in basically a week. It still doesnt seem real.. I just know that I need to work hard until the very end so that I can please Him. No one wants a missionary who doesnt have the drive to finish his mission faithfully. This week we did a lot of finding and found a really sweet investigator. Her name is sis. a. We talked to her one night on the street, I guess she saw us next door and she wanted us to teach her back then but was shy so she didnt talk to us...Our first lesson with her she really felt the spirit and is really willing to follow Jesus Christ. They also have a tryke so they wont have a hard time going to church and they could be a big help in that area once they are members! Sister L will be getting baptized on Feb. 14, 2015 and we are very excited for her. Her daughter is undergoing surgery right now so please pray for them. President just told me in his email to tell you "thank you for a great son and missionary" its true. Thank you mom for raising me to be a man of good standards and to have a backbone. I'm so glad I never really gave into temptation back then. I know its because of your loving guidance!:) I'm very excited to give you a great big hug and I hope youre excited as well. I miss and love you mom I'm going to work very hard this last week I promise I wont go down without a fight. haha I will return with honor and I promise I served with honor! This mission changed my life. Anyway I love ya mom and I hope you have a great week
Elder Hansen
So this is my last full week here in the field. I will write a good email to everyone next week but to be honest I'm really lazy with emails now a days! I just want all of you to know that I'm very happy right now but very scared to leave this place....I'm scared of Americans now....haha I will be very shocked seeing all of these Americans in one place hahaha I love you all!

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