Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/05/14 Waiting for Conference!

This was a great week!!!
Elder Macabenta and I even though we were fairly busy we got some great work in!! We contacted some great part member families and we are excited to teach them and help them come back to church and in turn help the non-members come to know of the gospel!
Some of the other Less Actives that we met were really stubborn and did not even want to talk to us...  anyway there isnt much you can do there if they really dont want to listen to us. Time just keeps speeding up. this weeek will fly by because of our zone interviews and then of course for us here in the philippines we are delayed a week of watching General conference....I am so excited though.  I have some questions in my mind that I know will be answered in some way, if i just listen to the spirit. We have been playing a lot of basketball lately at the church in the mornings! Its so addicting haha 5 am we are up and playing! I just love to be running around. It also helps me just have fun for a little while and enjoy a good game. As I am starting to see some of my friends going home from their missions I realize how fast it does go by. I realize that everyday we get up and do all that we can for the Lord but there are also times where we wish we could get that 1 minute back. We just wish we could experience that one joyful moment again and again and again.  However if we were like that, the "enjoyable moments" we become less and less enjoyable. That is why I am so grateful for trials and problems in life. so that when I do have the joyful moments they are that much sweeter!! Anyway we had a great week here and are hoping for even better things this upcoming week!
Love Elder Hansen


Yes. He is now driving in the Philippines! Scares me to death!

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