Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day email 2013

hey mom I actually didn't know that you emailed Pres. (I emailed his mission president after being concerned about him being sick!) but next time you dont need to do that haha I'm the one that will tell him or text him if I need help haha cause we do have cell phones for our investigators and emergencies.  That's cool you guys are going on so many trips and stuff!! Even if they are little trips to random places its good to go on those!! I was thinking about how fast time is going by and if you think about it this way,  next month in October marks the year mark of when I started my papers! Talk about how fast time goes by right?? As of now we have two ibds for Sept. 28.   We need to get more investigators but right now its pretty likely that I will have two baptisms next transfer, and a new companion again haha!  Its weird I will be getting another comp. but its because my comp has been in this area for a while now so he will be transferred. President Monahan stopped by our house to study with us last week and after the studies he pulled me outside and told me that next transfer I will either be a district leader or training someone, but I honestly think it will be both! haha I'm nervous to be a district leader but excited as well!!! I've been happy! Nothing too crazy has been happening here.  I have just been really busy and focused on the work. It did rain a ton last week. I hope you are all praying for all my friends out on missions even if you don't know all their names!! I have a ton now out on missions it blows my mind. Make sure you fill me in on the class below me thats going on missions.
haha that is a great movie!! ( A reference to a comment Darin made to him, inside joke.)  I just first want to say how much I appreciate your support that you have given me. As I go through my mission I am realizing all the sacrifices you have made for us your children. And I realize how ungrateful I have been at times. So I'm sorry for that dad because I love you so much and I appreciate all that you have done for me. My health is all good now!! I'm still waiting for the letter that you said your were going to send me! Were you able to send it to me yet or no???
Keep up the great work in your job but don't get too stressed,  it is just a job.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Don't worry about what you will eat or drink the next day. We are blessed more abundantly when we do that.
love your Son
Elder Hansen

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