Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/15/13 Baptisms for Christmas!

All right so hello everyone!! Let me just start off by saying that this week was amazing!!! Even though at times as you are walking around its a million degrees you have a ton of people always saying hey joy and americano.......I have never done anything more rewarding than serving a mission. I had an amazing exprience this week where it just hit me, even though we had just got punted and we were now heading out to a really far area, the thought just hit me where I was so happy and I could just feel the spirit so much. It was a very amazing experience for me and I was very grateful for it. I know that our Father In Heaven knows our needs and will help us and give us strength when needed. So last saturday we had three investigators who passed their interview so we will now be having a baptism three days before Christmas!! White Christmas no??? yeah even though I won't see the brilliant snow that is just reflecting the wonderful sun, I will see three of God's Children with the biggest smiles on their faces and witness something even more beautiful than a fresh white Christmas. I'm not gonna lie,  at times I do miss the I always say it is so hot here in the Philippines. We also have our awesome part member family who has now returned to church!!!! Four weeks in a row they have gone to church. And their kids will now be baptized on the 28th!!! Me and Elder Flores are definitely seeing the blessings of our hard work. I have never been happier to be serving. and I am also way excited to skype my family on Christmas!!! That will be absoluteley amazing!!! It has been seven months since I have talked to them!! But yeah that is about all that I have to report!!! I love you all
Happy Holidays!!
love Elder Hansen


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